• [Sparkfun]New Product Friday: Dial ‘R’ for Resistance

    [Sparkfun]New Product Friday: Dial ‘R’ for Resistance


  • [Sparakfun]He’s Back! “According to Pete” Takes On Differential Pairs

    [Sparakfun]He’s Back! “According to Pete” Takes On Differential Pairs


  • [Kickstarter]2014/12/20


    世界最大のクラウドファンディング【キックスターター】では今日も魅力的なプロジェクトが色々と投稿されています! その中から注目のプロジェクトを紹介していきます。 AUSfonte cast iron BIGskillet pan 32cm/13″ + DEEPan stretch http://kck.st/1DRWr5w Hyper-B: Mesmerizing kinetics. http://kck.st/13krjKT DVZN LTD Minimalist Machined Wallet http://kck.st/13EihJM Cable Pivot: Organize Your Cables, in Style http://kck.st/1DQAxQ7 Y-Power | Backup Battery | USB Car Charger | LED Flashlight http://kck.st/1sHIAKr SWITCH KICK™ Quick Release Bass Drum Beater http://kck.st/1xszSRf The BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap http://kck.st/1BZF6FU MicroJib- Tilt & Pan Your GoPro http://kck.st/1JnP0TM SolarHug Bracelet: External Charger powered by the Sun http://kck.st/1GtagVJ Build your own cat playhouse with BLOCKS – again and again! http://kck.st/1BYWQ1b

  • [Sparkfun] RIP Ralph Baer (3/8/1922-12/6/2014)

    [Sparkfun] RIP Ralph Baer (3/8/1922-12/6/2014)


  • [Kickstarter]2014/12/17


    DesignLiner a Modern Multi-Tool Stainless Steel Ruler http://kck.st/1ADq840 SAFE Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus http://kck.st/1BUBJjh Tiny – The pocket fountain pen http://kck.st/1AhV8qp PLAYBULB rainbow – Stylish Smart Color LED Light Bulb http://kck.st/13757UG Netup: Speed Up Mobile Internet http://kck.st/1A3Zp2K ネットを高速にするアプリ BuzzBox – 3D Printer Enclosure http://kck.st/1ziZoYE The Key Caddy – EDC Key Holder by Liquid Co. http://kck.st/1sxVJjs

  • [Kickstarter]2014/12/16


    PiTouch: 10″ Touchscreen Monitor for Raspberry Pi / Mac / PC http://kck.st/1zZhVt0 MeArm – Pocket Sized Industrial Robotics for Everybody http://kck.st/1Gp8Vzk LifeStyleLock zero5 http://kck.st/1zXdmiP EVB: Replace the brain of your LEGO® EV3 with BeagleBone http://kck.st/1yTK1a8 Sporklet™ http://kck.st/1swh81X Whispering Imps®: Gamesters Edition Playing Cards http://kck.st/1qS8YQp AWK-105 Analog Voltmeter Clock http://kck.st/1zX6JNu Meet Cinch!– The ultimate pop-up tent with solar power & LED http://kck.st/1zXnM1U The Lume – Aerospace Grade Titanium Sunglasses That Glow! http://kck.st/1znXQuY

  • [Sparkfun]Enginursday: Leaving the protection of the Van Allen belt

    [Sparkfun]Enginursday: Leaving the protection of the Van Allen belt


  • [Sparkfun]New Product Friday: Potent Portables

    [Sparkfun]New Product Friday: Potent Portables


  • [Kickstarter]2014/12/15


    Carbon Fiber Tiles: the ultimate LEGO finishing touch http://kck.st/1wEF30A Shower Rock: No more yoga moves to balance while shaving. http://kck.st/1Gi1RnW Synergy: World’s First Mobile Bridge™ http://kck.st/16a8a05 Iconic chopper bicycle, iconicride http://kck.st/1za3il3 Spectacular HD Video Drone/ Hexacopter http://kck.st/1BEw94C The Kinetic http://kck.st/1BqZcFJ Big Skinny Wallets: Worlds Thinnest Wallets w/ RFID blocking http://kck.st/1yYoFqT Next Keyboard – The Perfect Keyboard for iPhone http://kck.st/1uuBK5N LUCKY tag : Smart Activity Tracker & Locator For Your Dog http://kck.st/1whIZm3 101touch – The new generation of keyboard http://kck.st/13bMQGg PowerLite – Perfect Photos, Pocket Charger & Remote Shutter http://kck.st/1unCEQx ZumZum – The coolest balance bike with natural suspension http://kck.st/1BBCn28 Luxury Pens and Barrel Cases That Will Last You Forever. http://kck.st/1BngOlR

  • [Sparkfun] Introducing Product Reviews!

    [Sparkfun] Introducing Product Reviews!


  • [Kickstarter]2014/12/11


    BADAXX : Firefighter / First Responder Multi-Utility Axe http://kck.st/1sehHNU Hemingwrite – A Distraction Free Digital Typewriter http://kck.st/12uD5lH Mobile Pro – The Ultimate Smart Bag http://kck.st/1yQex3m DYLN — The Bottle That Creates Alkaline Water On the Go http://kck.st/1GjbeBS The Impi Automatic – A South African mechanical watch http://kck.st/1AeoCFw Case Marvel: Custom VR Skins, 3D Phone, and Tablet Cases http://kck.st/1yQAhMk The Parrot | A compact teleprompter for DSLR cameras http://kck.st/1siPcc4

  • [Kickstarter]2014/12/10


    Voiceboard: The Future of Presentations http://kck.st/1uiLrnX Viewbox, a VR headset http://kck.st/1vKvATq Pixelduino – The Arduino with an awesome OLED display! http://kck.st/1vJI2CR Starscraper: The Next Generation of Suborbital Rockets http://kck.st/1wVbuHI MOTA Wireless Charger for GoPro http://kck.st/1zGSpXp MIYO: The most amazing audio experience outside the studio. http://kck.st/1zGNaa5 Dual Case for iPhone 6 – the best custom case ever http://kck.st/1waUaNc The Incrediblanket – The world’s best outdoor blanket! http://kck.st/1wckdSQ TiBiner™: Ultimate Titanium Carabiner For Everyday Carry EDC http://kck.st/1ItRgZ8 dShell – Waterproof Continuous Glucose Monitor Cases http://kck.st/1zIeqVU Vamplets release 4 New Terrifying Plush Toys & Cell Covers http://kck.st/1yJ2ZPj

  • [Sparkfun] Robotics 101 – The Actobotics Challenge

    [Sparkfun] Robotics 101 – The Actobotics Challenge


  • [Sparkfun] New Product Friday: What’s Coming on Cyber Monday?

    [Sparkfun] New Product Friday: What’s Coming on Cyber Monday?


  • [Kickstarter]2014/12/9


    LUMO – Be seen. City cycling apparel. http://kck.st/1D07SY9 Ferro Watch : Watches Inspired by Sports car Tachometers http://kck.st/1zFw10s Moniker Guitars: Design Your Custom Guitar Online, TX BBQ http://kck.st/1G8x1MP ERROYL – Elegant and Enduring Watches http://kck.st/1u9Tp1F Stridalyzer Smart Insoles http://kck.st/1w5R8Zg Twiink | A Billion Shapes Smart LED Puzzle http://kck.st/1wSGKHm

  • [sparkfun]SparkFun Arcade

    [sparkfun]SparkFun Arcade