• [Sparkfun]AVC 2015 is Coming!

    [Sparkfun]AVC 2015 is Coming!


  • [sparkfun]Edison-Powered Spider Dress

    [sparkfun]Edison-Powered Spider Dress


  • [Sparkfun]New Product Friday: Hot New Products

    [Sparkfun]New Product Friday: Hot New Products


  • [Kickstarter]2015/1/8


    Draken – Affordable, Fast, High Res DLP-SLA 3D Printer http://kck.st/1Inwqba World’s First Bluetooth Headset Integrated Charging Case http://kck.st/1xQFbb0 TOG: The Ultra-Small Bluetooth Enabled Button http://kck.st/1xP96U0 Tailgating / BBQ Glove by StoneBreaker http://kck.st/17jrUPo Tactical Marker http://kck.st/1BLM26j Haven & Florin: Better Design – Better Daily Camera Bag http://kck.st/14mf7dp The Foot Hammock http://kck.st/1xQgr5D Branto: The first smart home with full remote presence http://kck.st/1Km6FeV

  • [Kickstarter]2015/1/7


    Shower Shimmy http://kck.st/1xK9EY4 kraftwerk – highly innovative portable power plant http://kck.st/1HvyIWU FishBit: Your Aquarium Made Simple (Beta Release) http://kck.st/1BHa6qO Listnr: Your Listening Assistant http://kck.st/1wkbEDp SplashDock http://kck.st/1wk6N5h ZEROHOUR RELIC XR: Tactical USB Battery Backup Flashlight http://kck.st/1AqkAv7 Personal Robot http://kck.st/14rLOXm Arduino compatible fingerprint scanner project boards !!! http://kck.st/17eccFn Tempi – The Smart Way to Monitor Temperature and Humidity http://kck.st/1Ai0PYW XG Virtual Reality Headset http://kck.st/1HvFR9H JACK – The WiFi Guitar Cable http://kck.st/1F6PC0x 3Doodler 2.0: The World’s First 3D Printing Pen, Reinvented http://kck.st/1Aw2Y2c The Pixelduino – An Arduino with an awesome OLED display! http://kck.st/1AwfJcW Tektyte: LogIT Specialised Circuit Testers http://kck.st/1HzAMxl iPin™: Laser Pointer + Wireless Presenter for iOS & Android http://kck.st/1BAzttW HAVOK – Disrupting…

  • [Sparkfun] Playing “Peaches” On Peaches

    [Sparkfun] Playing “Peaches” On Peaches


  • [Sparkfun] Teardown of the Microsoft Band

    [Sparkfun] Teardown of the Microsoft Band


  • [Sparkfun] Cruise Ship Makr Shakr – Your Bartending Robot

    [Sparkfun] Cruise Ship Makr Shakr – Your Bartending Robot


  • [Sparkfun] CSEd Week — code.org & an Hour of Code

    [Sparkfun] CSEd Week — code.org & an Hour of Code


  • [Kickstarter]2015/1/3


    Zettaly Avy: The Smart Speaker Powered by Android™ http://kck.st/1wLqPVn KeyMouse™ – The Keyboard and Mouse Re-invented! http://kck.st/1BeRHmN Southern Sawdust ATC Multi-Tool CNC Router http://kck.st/1AbGVfI iDo Smart Thermometer http://kck.st/1D562Si Electrically Conductive PLA 3D Printer Filament http://kck.st/1BgOYre PlasmonLAB: Surface Plasmon Resonance Biodetector http://kck.st/1thLjF0 Professional desktop 3D printer with laser cutter/engraver http://kck.st/1twWnDT Laser Ink http://kck.st/1HWVfdA 2015 CES Best, First Domestic Robot That Tracks Intruders! http://kck.st/1719zXr MODUS: Ultimate 11-in-1 Portable Sketching Tool. http://kck.st/1I1Bv8E Cafflano® Klassic (All-in-one Coffee Maker) – STAFF PICK! http://kck.st/1tCzu1K MittGrips: Keep children’s mittens on and snow out! http://kck.st/1xvkNz1 tealightful timer – the perfect tea, always on time http://kck.st/1xuU2uy Zelos : Abyss 3000m Bronze. Engineered for the extremes http://kck.st/1CQDHBV Esington Glass: The…

  • [Sparkfun]Pi vs Beaglebone vs Edison – Let’s Talk Benchmarks

    [Sparkfun]Pi vs Beaglebone vs Edison – Let’s Talk Benchmarks


  • [Sparkfun]Soft Fabrication for the Beginner

    [Sparkfun]Soft Fabrication for the Beginner


  • [Sparkfun]SparkFun Wish Lists for Your Last Minute Gift-Receiving

    [Sparkfun]SparkFun Wish Lists for Your Last Minute Gift-Receiving


  • [Sparkfun]Come learn at SparkFun!

    [Sparkfun]Come learn at SparkFun!


  • [Kickstarter]2014/12/29


    The Multibox PC | The Hacker’s Desktop Computer. http://kck.st/1rnjQpD Hydra Flash Drive + 3 in 1 Phone Charger: USB Cable/Battery http://kck.st/1HLLmzy The StandOut Customized iPad + Tablet Case & Stand & Handle http://kck.st/1xGTh0U Titanium, CPM S35VN, 440c Stainless Metperial multi-tool http://kck.st/1EsQ2xZ Squatting Dog http://kck.st/1vpxIvZ tpad grade 5 titanium notepad http://kck.st/1rfF5K5 Mighty Click: A Wearable Bike Lock for Bicycles & Scooters http://kck.st/1wZSira Find CMYK colors all year with graphic design studio poster http://kck.st/13sRoYa The T-Rex Ripper Staple and Nail Extractor http://kck.st/1zrlfOM

  • [Kickstarter]2014/12/23


    世界最大のクラウドファンディング【キックスターター】では今日も魅力的なプロジェクトが色々と投稿されています! その中から注目のプロジェクトを紹介していきます。 Vox Playing Cards // Project Vox. http://kck.st/1ATZVhR Rotissa-Fry http://kck.st/13KkSSu Polyes Q1 – The Safest, Cool-Ink 3D Pen http://kck.st/1wZogT4 Cord2Go Charge & Sync Lightning Keychain for iPhone & iPad http://kck.st/1zO3WXc FOGGY Handcrafted Leather Wireless Charging Case & Dock http://kck.st/13MYuYA The Pi Watch – A Programmable, Open Source Smartwatch! http://kck.st/16Bm5fV