• [Sparkfun] Enginursday: Favorite Tools

    [Sparkfun] Enginursday: Favorite Tools


  • [Kickstarter]2015/1/29


    CoolShims® Brake Coolers for Subaru, Toyota & Scion http://kck.st/1LiuK73 The Element – 3D printers’ missing element http://kck.st/15PTBhz Hive – Smart home, security, and entertainment for everyone. http://kck.st/1CyUKa1 Whytes Watches – Distinctive classic timepeices http://kck.st/15PWsHd Milk Nanny: The World’s First Smart Baby Formula Milk Maker http://kck.st/1JGcfaI Whispering Imps®: Limited Edition Gamesters Playing Cards http://kck.st/1K75sFs

  • [Kickstarter]2015/1/28


    CAMpanion: Enhance Your GoPro http://kck.st/1yLxeFJ EasyPlug Air: The wireless sensor shield for Arduinos http://kck.st/15Phx5A OctoFire 8 Port USB 3.0 Hub with Rapid Charging (96 Watts) http://kck.st/18p5kpi Prynt: the first instant camera case for iPhone and Android http://kck.st/1D2Shmj Black Swift — tiny wireless computer http://kck.st/15I0P79 Acticheck Assure – a revolutionary personal alert system. http://kck.st/1uWmh4F MIPOW M3 Headphone – combines fashion & technology http://kck.st/1zmd07J Crystal Wash 2.0: Clean Laundry with No Detergents http://kck.st/15B9ecp Qmote: The Water-Resistant Internet Remote for Smartphones http://kck.st/1JsLg2n Wishbone: The World’s Smallest Smart Thermometer http://kck.st/1CvnPDk Moment Case- World’s Best iPhone Case for Mobile Photography http://kck.st/1z6BiiN Prevent picture puncture with Pon. http://kck.st/15PdKoR Shnap + Laces: Button-Up Laces and Quit Tying…

  • [Kickstarter]2015/1/26


    NYX 2015 : The World’s First Carbon Fiber E-Bike Frame Kit http://kck.st/1CHGdct Carson Rockin’ Rodizio Brazilian BBQ Conversion Kit http://kck.st/1Cypbxz Help Launch Innovative iPhone 6 Apple Lightning Cable Case! http://kck.st/1BNK9cJ COOSTR ~ Pop-up Turtle Coasters http://kck.st/1t2BIH6 CoordiMate – The Cartesian graph maker! http://kck.st/1yJtIMh Digital Teleportation http://kck.st/1ut7mch Sleev – Protect your wires from damage http://kck.st/1D3HBEz Useless Machine in a Can – Fun Kit for Everyone http://kck.st/1BMc2BZ

  • [Kickstarter]2015/1/22


    GP3D : Root – Reliable Full Metal Body 3D Printer http://kck.st/1zx6MBo DISPLIO – WiFi display that tracks what’s important to you http://kck.st/1Gw9ieV xRemote: Next Generation of Smart Home Experience http://kck.st/1CbWExr TruForce Collectibles: Mega Man X Action Figure http://kck.st/1xZrJ0Y The Brand Deck http://kck.st/1CdM5dv Matrix – Titanium and Carbon Fiber Credit Card Holder. http://kck.st/1CcssSV TAB: A handsome seatback pocket organizer http://kck.st/1J62nH7

  • [Kickstarter]2015/1/21


    Quirkbot: Make your own robots with drinking straws! http://kck.st/1ukwqSH KiiTAG 2 – Digital Swiss Knife for Android and iOS http://kck.st/1wnLgrx SEER: The First AR Helmet that Makes You A Real Iron Man http://kck.st/1uk9HGp The AirBoard: Sketch Internet-of-Things, fast! http://kck.st/1GnENaO Nano Technology Powered Holographic Lenses http://kck.st/1CIV6t0 Chop-E: probably the coolest electric bike ever built http://kck.st/1CdAfjg “Better than Beats”? – PUMP & OMG Audio In-Ear Headphones http://kck.st/1CHu855 The ARK: Aluminum Sound Enhancement iPhone Case 5/5s/6 http://kck.st/1zrwhns VAX MIDI Keyboard Controller http://kck.st/1xo87Vn ExoDrive Cases – The only microSD expandable phone cases. http://kck.st/15qbBPw WTF 2.0 | KeyStiK – The Keychain, Simplified http://kck.st/1J9sCdW Rouncer – No peeling 5 Seconds Onion Dicer/Slicer +14 Blades http://kck.st/1J9nNRM PillPots™:…

  • [Kickstarter]2015/1/19


    The Gerp Mount – Gets a Grip on Your Gadgets http://kck.st/1ITZXv1 Flotilla for Raspberry Pi – Making for Everyone http://kck.st/1B1z84o Raspberry Pi の子供向け開発キット Blynk – build an app for your Arduino project in 5 minutes http://kck.st/1AoD2BP YOGA : TIME | The best way to practice yoga http://kck.st/15c6OkP AXSY T-Set – Advanced motion control made easy http://kck.st/1u8LrwG FishFlare – – – – > Find.Fish.Faster. http://kck.st/1E6agcK 3D Printing Lower-Limb Prosthetics and Orthotics http://kck.st/1y3mYbA Sidekick – A GoPro Companion Light http://kck.st/1u6ACuV AK Athletic Kit http://kck.st/1ycJ6A7 Seals Watch Company – Elegant Automatic Wrist Watches http://kck.st/14OUTc5 GoGo Girl Tote – A Women’s All-In-One Travel Toiletries Bag http://kck.st/1yp0q72 Mighty Pizza Oven 2 (MPO2) http://kck.st/1ucdbjS Zen –…

  • [Kickstarter]2015/1/15


    Manga Screen – Multi Touch 4.3″ LCD http://kck.st/151knn3 PSDR – Pocket HF SDR Transceiver with VNA and GPS http://kck.st/1IIW6PF Photon Elephant: A real OS for your 3D Printer. http://kck.st/1y9GpRW ChronosDock | Luxury Bedside Dock For Apple Watch http://kck.st/1B3o5u6 Perfect Burpee | The Perfect Workout Mat for Athletes http://kck.st/1IM32vl The Workers, 3 pc Titanium pry bar set for everyday use. http://kck.st/1Ixzh32 Puppy Wand Dog Leash http://kck.st/152cVrL ShaveFace: The Strop http://kck.st/1u43dB5 Bootlegger Photo Series http://kck.st/1xYEePb GEKKO – Magnetic Trivets http://kck.st/1IuQREV Lugabug Child Travel Chair http://kck.st/1xnq0Cg

  • [Kickstarter]2015/1/14


    The Revive Tank: Managing Back Pain On-the-Go http://kck.st/1xXucxK Poseidon: The Rugged & Fully Waterproof Portable Charger http://kck.st/1AX8oEI Queen City Knives http://kck.st/17E0DHO Sugr Cube – Touch to Stream and Share Music http://kck.st/1Cem7o3 The SaberTooth. The Ultimate Beer Drinker’s Tool. http://kck.st/1AJ02Ol Bottle Bit http://kck.st/1xUtP79 A quality Dillenger folding electric bike for under $400.00! http://kck.st/17F2qw1 Cobblebot Little Monster 3D Printer http://kck.st/17EPyGt NEEO – The Thinking Remote http://kck.st/14VxVQN

  • [Kickstarter]2015/1/12


    IMMERSIS http://kck.st/1DrH5DA HomeTraq™ – Remote Home Monitor http://kck.st/1xPrSJi BARBARIAN BAR TOOLS – craft cocktails with style! http://kck.st/1xRGOGs TRAVISLEON: Redefining the smart luxury timepiece. http://kck.st/1sjEwiV The Hailstonez Spherical Ice Mold http://kck.st/1Izvosw EZ Bacon http://kck.st/1HXxQKV

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  • [SparkFun]New Product Friday: A New Year of Products

    [SparkFun]New Product Friday: A New Year of Products


  • [Sparkfun]Home for the Holidays from East Africa

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  • [Sparkfun]ElectriCute – EL Products

    [Sparkfun]ElectriCute – EL Products


  • [Sparkfun]New Product Friday: Happy Holidays

    [Sparkfun]New Product Friday: Happy Holidays


  • [Kickstarter]2015/1/9


    Spider WiFi Router: 2 x 2.4GHz, One box, 100+ devices http://kck.st/1Iwu5un ATLAS 3D – The 3D Scanner You Print and Build Yourself! http://kck.st/1Au5l6R A Retro Inspired Dive Watch with the Best of Today http://kck.st/1AHezeM POWAPASS – unique portable soccer skills training machine http://kck.st/1w2kk0n