Products from BreadBoardManiac are on now sale?

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Hello there!

As you know, Wire Stripping Gauge is already available for sale at some local stores!

Because, we do not have our own EC site yet, we are not ready to sell our products directly from web site of BreadBoardManiac.
But, if you can buy a lot like more than 20 pieces, we can give you discounts for a bulk purchase!

We introduce the following products that you can buy at this moment.

-Wire Stripping Gauge
Estimated selling price: 800JPY(without tax)

This is a hit product that created a sensation in Kickstarter!
It enables you to measure accurately for length of lead used in breadboard.


-Micro USB Connector Kit
Estimated selling price: 500JPY(without tax)

It enables you to supply 5 volts to a breadboard through USB.
You must complete the product by soldering.
It is possible to supply power without chip parts.
It does not waste other holes of the breadboard, because of its small size.


-Micro USB Connector (as completed product)
Estimated selling price: 800JPY(without tax)

It is a ready tool and the world’s smallest power unit for breadboard use.

-PIN Header Recording Paper(5pcs)
Estimated selling price: 300JPY(without tax)

It can help you to recognize where and what PIN Header you used.
It is also convenient when someone need to do a handover and

You can easily leave a note on this recording paper
you want to leave


-2 to 1 Adapter Board
Estimated selling price: 600JPY(without tax)

It enables you to translate from pin headers placed in 2 rows to 1 row.

-Clear Case for breadboard(3pcs)
Estimated selling price: 400JPY(without tax)

It is just the right size to store a breadboard.
By this clear case, you can easily recognize what is inside of this case.
You can also easily cut this case by cutter, so you can make a hole anywhere on it.
Off course, you can put a breadboard in action ,keeping a breadboard in this case.

-BeagleBone Black PaperCase
Estimated selling price: 400JPY(without tax)

This is a design drawing that enables you to make right size paper case by folding itself for BeableBoane Black.
If you buy it, you can copy it anytime you want, but only for your own use.
So, please refrain from reselling it.

You actually can buy it from the following URL.


If you want to buy 1 or 2 pieces of those products, please wait till we get ready for our EC site.
Or, please purchase it at the local store where they are available.
Please send us an e-mail directly if you want to buy more than 20 pieces! We can provide you our products at discounted price!
We will rush to get ready for our EC site!

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