【Kickstarter Beginner’s Guide】 English version.

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■Register with Kickstarter Account

To get started with Kickstarter, you need to register.

If you already have registered, scroll down to find ‘How to Support.’

・Open Kickstarter website.


・Click ‘Sign Up’ on the upper right corner.


 ・Type into ‘New to Kickstarter?’ in the middle.

FULL NAME —Type your name in alphabet.

EMAIL  — Type your email address.

RE-ENTER MAIL  — Re-Enter your email address.

PASSWORD  — Type your password.

RE-ENTER PASSWORD  —Re-enter the same password.

□Discover new projects  —When you check this you’ll receive new project information on Kickstarter.

Move on to the next window after typing ‘Sign me UP!’


・ Click ‘Me’ on the upper right corner.


 ・ Click ‘Edit Settings’ in the menu.


・Select either Osaka, Sapporo, or Tokyo in ‘Time zone’ and click ‘Save settings.’

When you choose your location, the deadline for projects will be shown in the Japanese Standard Time.

It’s easier to recognise.

Since it’s “GMT+09:00″, it would be displayed quite low.


Now the registration to Kickstarter completed!


■ Support Method

Next will be the Support Method. You will need an amazon.com account.

Not an amazon.co.jp account but an amazon.com account.

If you don’t have an amazon.com account, please proceed as below.

 ・Open a page of the project you want to support


・Click on the Back This Project on the right.


・Please, pick a plan you like and try clicking Continue to Next Step.

All Gone! is a plan which has a limited number of people for support and and is already over the limit, so you cannot pick.

For $14, it will be only 3 pieces of wire.

For $23, it’ll be 3 pieces of wire and a wire stripping gauge.

For $39, it’ll be 9 pieces of wire and a wire stripping gauge.

For $51, it’ll be a wire stripping gauge and a wire stopper.

For $59, it’ll be 9 pieces of wires, a wire stripping gauge and a wire stopper.

For $180, it’ll be 9 pieces of wires, a wire stripping gauge, a wire stripper, and a wooden breadboard!

Choose your favourite plan.


 ・Click ‘Continue to Amazon’ and make your account on amazon.com


・Type your email address and move on to a registration page.

My e-mail address is: — Type your email address.

I am a new customer. —Select this.

Sign in using our secure server —After doing above, select this button.


・Create your account for amain.com

My name is: —Type your name in alphabet.

My e-mail address is:  — An email adress to register with

Type it again:  —Re-Enter your email address.

Enter a new password:  —Type your password.

Type it again:  — Re-enter the same password.

Type characters:  — Image: Type alphabets and numbers displayed.

Create account: — After doing above, select this button.

You may fail many times when you input the words on “Image”. Don’t give up!


 ・Input your credit card information

Pay with new — Choose the type of your credit card

Credit Card No. — Input the number of your credit card

Cardholder’s Name  — Input the name who has the credit card in alphabet

Expiration Date — Input expiration date of your credit card ( It’s written as **/**, Month/Year )

Continue — After doing above, select this button.


 ・ Input the detail of the owner of the credit card


You can use this website to simplify!

It’s enough you do copy and paste the information of the site.


 ・Compete with a click “Confirm” on the right-bottom


・Thank you so much!

You will be contacted for a shipping address once the project is finished, please wait until then.


So, was everything done well?
We are planning to post various tools on Kickstarter continuously from now on, so it will be great you can pay attention to activities of BreadBoardManiac.

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