wire stripping Gauge

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The design of the commercial version is determined!

Finished model and the image of the product


The one in the image is a prototype and has no scale marks on it.

The commercial version is the one that has been developed with various additional features, such as:

Additional feature 1: Feature to bend an IC


By sliding in an IC along the ditch, opened pins are put back to fit in a breadboard!

You may need a bit of skill due to its structure. Avoid pushing it in forcefully.

Additional feature 2: Hole to easily bend a narrow width


It was difficult to bend a thin lead wire to connect to a next hole or two holes away, but now it’s easy!
Just put the lead into the hole and bend it. You’ll never get your finger pinched with pliers accidentally!

Additional feature 3: Ditches to bend resistance to the desired width


There are ditches at the same intervals as the holes on the back.
Put a resistance on a ditch and just bend extra length to have it bent to the desired width!
Its usability is pretty much improved from the version exhibited in the previous Maker Faire Tokyo 2013.
We are planning to raise funds through the crowd funding including Kickstarter to make it commercially available.
A set including the wire stripper will also be coming soon, too!

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