wooden breadboard

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wooden breadboard

The breadboard for building circuits looks so lovely just by being made of wood!
It will increase the charm as you use it, fit comfortably in your hands, and you will definitely feel attached to it.
Wooden breadboards are handmade by craftsmen one by one.
It is carefully formed from one piece of wood, polished and branded.
No chemical coating material such as polyurethane is used, either. It is thoroughly polished with natural oil, finished in natural gloss.
It will further increase its gloss as you use it, and its presence will not be comparable to any other breadboards you have ever had!

wooden breadboard case

A Japanese traditional gift box of paulownia wood for this wooden breadboard is also available.
If you give it to someone who regularly builds circuits, he or she will love it for sure.
Some of you may be worried that it may burn as it is made of wood, but no worries at all!
There should be no problem as far as you use it in the same manner as you use an ordinary breadboard. Extraordinary high voltage may damage it, though…
Would you not treat such a lovely breadboard badly!

wood list

It is available from various types of wood.
Its appearance is changed by wood grain and no two wooden breadboards are exactly alike.
The higher the quality of wood is, the stronger its presence will be.
We would like to make breadboards from snake wood and ebony someday in the future.
Obsession with wooden breadboards
• Made of natural wood. It will increase charm over time!
• Polished with natural oil. You will love its natural gloss!
• Handmade in Japan. Each one of them is carefully made with great ardor!
• Finished in rounded form. It will not stick in the foot if you accidentally drop it.
You’ll never find anyone else but Bread Board Maniacs who’s making wooden breadboards.

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