Tag on Breadboard

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It is sometimes difficult to tell which part on the breadboard corresponds to where on the circuit.

We thought it might be convenient if we can put tags on the circuit, so we created some for breadboards.


The tags look like marking pins. A set of 5 colors x 5 pins= 25 pins is in a case.


They can be stuck in the breadboard. You can write on the circle tab using a pencil or pen.


You can write as shown above. If you write using a pencil, you can erase it later with an eraser. Some breadboards have nothing printed, and sometimes it is hard to tell at a glance which side is GND or which hole corresponds to which signal line. You can use the tags supplementarily in such situations.

People who can read the circuit just by looking at it without using such tags don’t need them, but if you are not one of them or want to do it carefully, try out these tags!

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