• [Kickstarter]2014/10/31


    miniPCR: A DNA Discovery System for Everyone http://kck.st/1ziJ0rS Lumera: transform your camera into the smartest one http://kck.st/1sHjML9 Magnet: Smart jewelry for loved ones http://kck.st/1wba6ig

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/30


    The Swiss Quality Bargain http://kck.st/1zIjw8x The Simply Co. – 3 Ingredient Organic Laundry Detergent! http://kck.st/1rSeflW Cloak http://kck.st/1wFmllh MAID Oven – Make All Incredible Dishes http://kck.st/1th0gKL Everykey: The Wristband that Replaces Keys & Passwords http://kck.st/1p0e2BC ARCHT One: Revolutionary wireless audio system for your home http://kck.st/1nORN0z MagSphere & MagBounce Flash Diffusers – by MagMod http://kck.st/1vg0b6V ANICORN: A Designer Watch – Unique Concentric Disc System http://kck.st/1wDrL0Y MagClip: Tame Wild Earbud Wires & Untangle Your Life http://kck.st/1p073IM

  • Open House Halloween Party Reminder!

    Open House Halloween Party Reminder!


  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/29


    Ti2 TechLiner Pen Revisited —- Bronze, Brass and Copper http://kck.st/1yGUVwG POUR Coffee Brewer http://kck.st/1wDVyWl maii Unexspectacles http://kck.st/1u3GCnF The Breaker Multi Tool http://kck.st/1waIIkj Fireside: A SmartFrame That Shows You Photos You Want To See http://kck.st/1nMZEvM B4RM4N – be a cocktail hero http://kck.st/1sz2CPL TiTweezers™: World’s Sexiest And Safest Titanium Tweezers http://kck.st/1pTW3aI THE ANALOG QUEUE http://kck.st/1wCsd0h Dropship Custom LEGO Element Kit http://kck.st/1zAznWL Silicon Valley Magnets: Refrigerator Poetry, Accelerated http://kck.st/1oVNCkB Nimble Sense: Bring Your Hands into Virtual Reality & Beyond http://kck.st/1wDOcUE JookBox: The Portable HiFi Speaker That Syncs Up To 10 Units http://kck.st/1pU4pzi Ditto http://kck.st/1pU6nQh

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/28


    Wise Walker — Stop Carrying Dog Poop! http://kck.st/1rvTtrd The revolutionary rucksack: RiutBag http://kck.st/1tvaf06 The Herb Grower – Vertical Food & Decorative Gardens – http://kck.st/1DRlkLa 壁掛け鉢植え Bam Boomerang: Help Kids Learn to Read http://kck.st/ZTq17W Headless Ghost http://kck.st/10urlzm Lo-Fi SES: Hackable 8-bit chiptunes instrument http://kck.st/1sr3Qg6

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/27


    Satchel & Page – Calf Leather and Waxed Cotton Jackets http://kck.st/1tX9duD Spoolee – Have fun managing your earbuds! http://kck.st/1yCQZwV L3 The new pen and mechanical pencil from Loclen http://kck.st/1wqaZVy box & rox: helping kids integrate activity into their lives http://kck.st/1xmOMo6 Bamboobee Build It Yourself (BIY) Bike Kit http://kck.st/1w1XHx5 RTR N scale NSWGR 45 class locomotive – 60 days http://kck.st/1rvoBrA Spinflo: visualize the invisible! http://kck.st/1woW7Eu Brewover Cold Brew Coffee & Control Flow Pour Over System http://kck.st/1DG0Uo4

  • [Sparkfun] New Product Friday: Holy Mackerel!

    [Sparkfun] New Product Friday: Holy Mackerel!


  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/25


    Rustic Marlin Handcrafted Custom Wooden Signs & Designs http://kck.st/1t8BkFs Boneyard Pets Version 2.0 http://kck.st/1t7eZYC Griz Rug: A totally realistic and totally fake bear rug http://kck.st/1DFsstV Boombox – A Shipping Container Music and Art Space http://kck.st/1tcVv5S Chalk Board by Pacific Tribe Skateboards http://kck.st/1zjKRxv Dexmo: an exoskeleton for you to touch the digital world http://kck.st/1FMpztd Otrera Game Builder http://kck.st/1tuZIRi ShutterEaze – Home Automation For Your Plantation Shutters http://kck.st/1t8BGfa EMBERCASE: The Hottest iPhone Case on the Planet. Literally. http://kck.st/1uQd5bu Arist: Brews Coffee Like The Best Baristas Anytime Anywhere http://kck.st/1rsuB3q Espruino Pico: JavaScript on a USB Stick http://kck.st/1rsu5SZ PLAYBULB color – Smart Color Light & Wireless Speaker 2-in-1 http://kck.st/1thT41Z The Eroz X1: New Steady…

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/24


    CLIPCASE – Not Another Kickstarter Wallet http://kck.st/1vS60vi FUNNELL – EJECT | WEAR – NEW DESIGN http://kck.st/1tjqUCy Easy-Macro: Popular Smartphone Lens With New Magnifications http://kck.st/1vSkoUl Mate: The Wall Hanging Chess Board http://kck.st/1FFkpz9 Massuni – Design your own furniture in seconds! http://kck.st/1t9QBGM Amiloom: Technology that Re-Connects Us Face-to-Face http://kck.st/1t8FsWT Edwin the Duck | App-Enhanced Smart Toy http://kck.st/1t734dA Conx2share http://kck.st/1xdO0cM Thinker: Next Generation Universal Remote for Smart Home Now http://kck.st/1nAJ16n

  • [Sparkfun] Open Hardware Summit 2014

    [Sparkfun] Open Hardware Summit 2014


  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/23


    Expressiv MIDI Guitar: Real MIDI. Real Guitar. Real Control. http://kck.st/1vJ27c5 Tank Utility: Keeping you warm all winter long http://kck.st/1t49JVJ EasyTouch: Turn your world into a touch sensor http://kck.st/1FwJXOW Carvey: The 3D carving machine for the maker in all of us http://kck.st/1nxPG0V Z-Charge – Phone and tablet bedside storage with charging http://kck.st/1s1k9jr AlpineHawk: Never lose your Skis or Snowboard again http://kck.st/1vG4Vqa Capture the moment in 3D http://kck.st/ZMfOug Hendo Hoverboards – World’s first REAL hoverboard http://kck.st/ZMd9AA DeB – The Ultimate User Experience for your Arduino Projects http://kck.st/1Dulsjs UNIBURR Tool Bit http://kck.st/1sI43Px The ESPRO Travel Press http://kck.st/1zkE1rO wolffepack: swings to the front, stays strapped to your back http://kck.st/1wnsMt1 BLANKILLOW, a blanket in a…

  • [Sparkfun] Celebrating Amazing Role Models for Ada Lovelace Day

    [Sparkfun] Celebrating Amazing Role Models for Ada Lovelace Day


  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/21


    AirStand – World’s Premium Fully Adjustable Universal Stand http://kck.st/1wfK8ZD The Intrepid 4×5 Camera – An Affordable Large Format Camera http://kck.st/1CLeJQ2 Togo Solar connected solar charger http://kck.st/1wfAlCO 携帯ソーラー充電器 BRUVELO: Smart, WiFi-Connected Pour-Over Coffee Brewer. http://kck.st/1vUoXib Soundlazer “Snap” – The Directional Parametric Speaker http://kck.st/1vWejHQ Notti: A More Beautiful Smart Light http://kck.st/1nwYKDj PRO DRYBAG 45L – 100% Waterproof (50m/164ft) http://kck.st/1DscIdE Rogue C6 Intelligent Lightweight Hybrid Urban Carbon Bicycle http://kck.st/1t52LzF Test Cubes – Magnetic modular vase and spice rack http://kck.st/1t5ZalT

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/20


    Lunicycle: The Unicycle for Everyone http://kck.st/1sNvfhd Aluminum スリム Wallet http://kck.st/ZGAm7d DOTY the Amazing STEAM Education Robot http://kck.st/1yPMS3u 点描ロボット Facets Kids – An App with Smart Films for Smart Kids http://kck.st/1uoY5B4 IllumiBowl Clip-On Toilet Night Light (Motion Activated) http://kck.st/ZIPGAu NanoBeam: helping makers build the smallest things http://kck.st/1weq497 COSIGN – The Lifestyle App that Pays! http://kck.st/ZInVrN iBox Nano – Worlds Smallest, Least Expensive 3D Printer http://kck.st/1wN4IQb The Safest & Brightest 360° Bike Lights; Made in the USA http://kck.st/1ojz3Xx Quick Rinse! Use 83% Less Time and Water! http://kck.st/ZyNvPn SteelConnect M – Adapters for Moto360 Smartwatch http://kck.st/1sQCrcd DIESEL FISH. Ultimate Rope Tie. http://kck.st/1rheiX5

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/18


    The Relic Wowflute http://kck.st/1ocLnsI The Shuttl – Dockable, Minimalist, Handmade Leather Wallet http://kck.st/1sVrC9d The Bystander Wooden Standing Desk http://kck.st/ZF87FZ

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/17


    Walkabout Ti: World’s Only Personal Water Filter in Titanium http://kck.st/1sTHycY The Beer Hammer http://kck.st/1u6E5D5 Gem Genie http://kck.st/1sLnhVG Urban Gridded Dogtag Jewelry Collection http://kck.st/1u6xPew The ManBuffer™ | Cooler, Cupholder, Armrest and more! http://kck.st/ZCULu1 PixelPlane – modular RGB LED Tiles http://kck.st/1txZzP4 MICROFEAR – Tiny dioramas based on iconic horror scenes http://kck.st/1sVpA9b BodyEcho – Reclaim Your Sleep With Serious Sleep Tracking http://kck.st/1xTkYQR THEATRE BOX – Most Compact Wireless Home Theater System http://kck.st/11p5ARC