• [Kickstarter]2015/3/10


    Trickey – Any key, anywhere! http://kck.st/1FJklNs The Spin Tray http://kck.st/1wqh4T9 FIDELIS CO – MILITARY BORN. EVERYDAY RAISED. http://kck.st/1FFQPIf Nokē U-Lock: World’s Smartest U-Lock http://kck.st/1xaf2Sf Brew Watch Co. – Coffee Inspired http://kck.st/1F6vGZJ Titanium Pen – Ultimate High-End Pen For Everyday Carry EDC http://kck.st/1F6nZ5J Fusion – Affordable High Performance Electric Bike http://kck.st/1BoTS6H ryo – Slim, Reversible Adapter For All Your USBs http://kck.st/1NAiKPp Spectre Wallets: Make Life Simple http://kck.st/1aWN1ci The Fourneau Bread Oven http://kck.st/1GhAidq BBP: making your 3d printer faster http://kck.st/1GnmONk iPocket Cloud Drive & Mobile Charger: iPhone iPad Android http://kck.st/1Exjd2h The PocketLab: Explorers Wanted http://kck.st/1AcVa26 Panoptes eBumper4: Low-Speed Obstacle Avoidance for Drones http://kck.st/1aYglz6

  • [Kickstarter]2015/3/10


    PLEN2, the world’s first printable open-source humanoid. http://kck.st/1NqqEdZ Velocity Grill, the Ultimate Portable Grill. http://kck.st/1Mc0A4R freiya – the smart watering can http://kck.st/1MalFg7 Chapman Homebrew Equipment: Mash Tuns, Fermenters, Kettles http://kck.st/1x3AWGN Pahulele – Unique Backpacker Travel Ukulele – Made in Hawaii http://kck.st/1NroU4g Bungee Bath: Sleek Fun in the Shower http://kck.st/1GoXHx5 TELL-TAIL DOG HARNESS AND ACCESSORIES http://kck.st/1DQQ6la Leoht – Tech Handbags Made Beautifully http://kck.st/1AMvCI3 Solidteknics AUSfonte ‘Pan Grill-it’ cast iron grill insert http://kck.st/1Ma8hGR Para TPS (Titanium Pulley System) http://kck.st/1FdAqur Hailstonez Billiard Baller Ice Mold http://kck.st/1BTnVXw BoXZY Rapid-Change FabLab: Mill, Laser engraver, 3D Printer http://kck.st/1E60xnA ODiN – World’s first projection mouse http://kck.st/1GxekXJ Electric Eel Wheel – A Spinning Wheel for Fiber Lovers http://kck.st/1A4SKS4…

  • [Kickstarter]2015/3/5


    The Monolith: World’s First Skateboard with In-wheel Motors http://kck.st/1M8Idh3 Sparx Skate Sharpener – Pro Skate Sharpening. At Home. http://kck.st/1zYPPey Splash Drone a Waterproof Drone with Autonomous Features http://kck.st/1w3s9th Klatz – World’s First Smart Watch which turns into a Handset http://kck.st/1B0pErI AnonyStik: Ultimate Online Anonymity, Privacy, and Security! http://kck.st/1KfcqxI Original Commodore 64C Computer Housing in New Cool Colors http://kck.st/1M5mPtg Nada Bottle: Collapsible Water Bottle = Clean Water http://kck.st/18iLRG6

  • [Kickstarter]2015/3/4


    BackBottle-The Jersey Friendly Bottle for All Cyclists http://kck.st/1zEQNvs Hillary Clinton Action Figure http://kck.st/1ACFx2U Blue Freedom | The World’s Smallest Hydropower Plant http://kck.st/1aJXxU0 MagBak Case: World’s thinnest car mount. http://kck.st/1B4NVM0 Appointed: Makers of Beautiful Notebooks + Desktop Tools http://kck.st/17N762I ORIGIN: The Universal Tablet Mount For Digital Media Devices http://kck.st/17MR2xT Cord2Go Lightning Sync & Charge Keychain for iPhone iPad http://kck.st/1EeLedd Introducing the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 http://kck.st/1Nc4QCO RE-vibe: Gets Kids Back to Work http://kck.st/1DDPbEm Stryd – The World’s First Wearable Power Meter for Running http://kck.st/1EdFRee Z-Unlimited add-on for Ultimaker http://kck.st/1aJsHer

  • [Kickstarter]2015/3/3


    TurnsPro | Time Lapse Camera Mount – for everyone! http://kck.st/1N9xMLU Baby Check – The Simplest Wearable Temp and Position Monitor http://kck.st/1BPW7Dv Podo – The First Stick and Shoot Camera http://kck.st/1BPRMjQ AIRPOCKET http://kck.st/1BzXuo4 Ferrofluid: A Symbol of the Future http://kck.st/1BPEsf7 The LINK™ Key Hook from Raphael Quality Goods Co. http://kck.st/1K89HWC

  • [Kickstarter]2015/3/2


    AUDIOCASE | Portable Sound System http://kck.st/1DhnSzM Smart & Secure Fast-Charge USB Cable and Adapter http://kck.st/18sP6vw iRBeacon – smarter remote for a smarter home http://kck.st/1BBpCcc Freedom Cast http://kck.st/1JO7z6i Ringo – The palm size robot with real personality! http://kck.st/18msb56 Sesame. Your key, reinvented. http://kck.st/1wp1urk Taylor Fly Fishing Reels: The Revolution http://kck.st/1ApTi4R Orbital Tops http://kck.st/1Ey4HpB The Hand-Made-To-Order Everlasting Mechanical Pencil. http://kck.st/1DZCO9f The Belt Concept – Patented – Danish Made http://kck.st/1DyCwFk Sawtooth: Super Fast 6-Port USB Charger & Docking Station http://kck.st/1LJkhiv Malachite Writing Instruments – Rock Solid Pens http://kck.st/1DmVsV0 FLASHER. For WOW effect of mobile photo & video captures. http://kck.st/1wyo0Ot PiJuice – A Portable Project Platform For Every Raspberry Pi http://kck.st/17FPLc2 Anvil 3D Creation…

  • [Kickstarter]2015/2/24


    UAMP – Soul Shaking Audio for Your Ears http://kck.st/1DPIYZv PRO30: Wireless, Compact, High Fidelity, On-Ear Headphones http://kck.st/1Bht4Zm The Rápido Pro Pump Head For Bicycles http://kck.st/1D4n6G8 GoPro Hero 4, 3/3+ Extended Battery Pack- Limefuel Epic http://kck.st/1JD4jKO Girls Driving for a Difference: a design studio on wheels http://kck.st/1JE6e1H Spinmount + Snowspike. Capture Any Angle With Your GoPro http://kck.st/1Lw6f3w

  • [Kickstarter]2015/2/23


    Votum Watches -Affordable, Minimalist, Stylish Watches http://kck.st/19Zzdgw Iris Lamps http://kck.st/1vldpFz Gravity Hook: A high performance grappling hook. http://kck.st/1CL4SMf Fancy – Meet Your New Personal Sleep http://kck.st/1CLBNxI KeyBiner – The Carabiner Refined http://kck.st/1zPepxa The SafeKEYPER – Versatile Key Chain Could Save Your Life http://kck.st/1yWvuF6 Fogo Adventure Gadget: GPS+Flashlight+Walkie Talkie+Charger http://kck.st/19ZPS3L Spark – A Truly Affordable Fully Equipped Electric Bike! http://kck.st/1z98VgP FlyShark Smartwatch – Everything at the Touch of Your Wrist http://kck.st/1GhBQoo headsUP – Motorcycle Head-up Display http://kck.st/1CVT5Iv Synthino XM Polyphonic MIDI Synthesizer and Groovebox http://kck.st/1JuufZ1 microSSD – add up to 384GB extra storage to your Macbook http://kck.st/1LjsdXn Silvan Audio Workshop http://kck.st/1F0AgpN Cenith Air Personal Air Purifier http://kck.st/1G8fdmw Radium – the Professional,…

  • [Kickstarter]2015/2/18


    “SHOOT” the magnetic camera strap by Restrap http://kck.st/1KMRVVT AvoSeedo – Grow your own Avocodo Tree with ease! http://kck.st/1FB43GC bamb-u watches – beautiful, natural, precise http://kck.st/1vFJuZd Steampunk Nixie Tube Clock MKII – Retro Futurist Decor http://kck.st/1vFILHn PUMP & OMG Audio: “Better Than Beats”? http://kck.st/1EaS8Ou CHATLIGHT: Lighting For Video Chat And Selfies http://kck.st/1Ch7mlf Wiggly Pen Luxurious & Mightier than the Sword. http://kck.st/1z7SMsI Special shortcut keyboards for the most editing software http://kck.st/1E0Dl94 The Lighted Mirror Phone Case http://kck.st/17cz2NS ZRRO – Touch your TV from the couch! http://kck.st/1FY2F0T Beam: The smart projector that fits in any light socket http://kck.st/1L8vquM UnaliWear Kanega Watch: Extending Independence with Dignity http://kck.st/1FWcDjm GP3D : Root – Full Metal Body…

  • [Kickstarter]2015/2/11


    Noon Blinds http://kck.st/1ATILVM Where’s Wallet: The Smart Wallet You’ll Never Lose http://kck.st/1DAn2ln Scratchy map – color your world with travelling http://kck.st/194DhMc Blub Uno – A single retro tube clock http://kck.st/1DzXKUx http://kck.st/16OulbP http://kck.st/1IPEmHC Spark: The Watch That Keeps You Awake http://kck.st/16OulbP InBody Band – See yourself change everyday http://kck.st/16NLWRr Voltera: Your Circuit Board Prototyping Machine http://kck.st/1M9mVB0

  • [Kickstarter]2015/2/10


    Mythic Legions Action Figures by Four Horsemen Studios http://kck.st/1CNzkYG Gravity Ball Fitness – The Evolution of Resistance Exercise http://kck.st/1zpIpiS SCION by SNOLO – A Revolution in Snow Sledding http://kck.st/1CMgHUS AirTracks Carbon : Inflatable All-Terrain Camera Slider. http://kck.st/1zpzQoj True Brush, Natural Oral Care Solution http://kck.st/1xVDxBA TrackTag – World’s Smartest Rechargeable Item Tracker Ever http://kck.st/1CMGnkm

  • [Kickstarter]2015/2/9


    Whisper Audio Headphone Practice Amp for Guitar and Bass http://kck.st/1ziuL0X Tempi – Smart Temperature and Humidity http://kck.st/16rgNmG CWG Life – A Spiritual Life Planner http://kck.st/16xE86f ZipGripGo – Alternative Traction Aid for Snow and Mud http://kck.st/16S6Dwi ZULU-07 PRO Instrument Inspired Watch http://kck.st/1ziy6gG NIGHT SHIFT | bomber rally style bike lights http://kck.st/1ACMsyS Übertüb – The Classic Rubber Inner Tube. Reinvented. http://kck.st/18WA9BM BOOKNITURE- Furniture Hidden in a Book http://kck.st/1ujAV5q The Creature Den – A Menagerie of Useful Goods http://kck.st/1vw55mW UviCube: The Easiest Way to Keep Your Baby Safe from Germs http://kck.st/1ujXsiw United P2: Pocket Pen http://kck.st/1EKoH9r

  • [Kickstarter]2015/2/6


    New York Watch Company Mechanical Watch With Domed Sun Moon http://kck.st/18Sodkv http://kck.st/1DFMrIp http://kck.st/16BB6P6 Tonki: A fun, new way to print and frame your digital images http://kck.st/1DFMrIp The Cloak Carbon Fiber iPhone 6 Cases by ProtoSix http://kck.st/1BUui6Z Exotic Inlayed End Grain Cutting and Serving Boards http://kck.st/1vrkDs3 Leather & Canvas Moto-Gear | Launch A New Janus Motorcycle! http://kck.st/1vrjKj2 Carmichael & Co. Bicycle Bags http://kck.st/1K9nJE8 Solarpad: Smart Phone Solar USB Charger http://kck.st/1vraCuR Freebody : Simplicity || Elegance || Class http://kck.st/1LJdY0Y DAWN WALL CLIMB TOPO – Sustainable GLASS + Stainless CUP http://kck.st/1CWsfU9 BLUEmometer – a waterproof thermometer for iOS and Android http://kck.st/1vtbTSi Light Show – A Billion Shapes Smart Light Puzzle http://kck.st/1I1OEnK TarDisk 256GB…

  • [Kickstarter]2015/2/4


    NEOH : the first smart 3D audio headphones http://kck.st/1CWn727 The XLR-ONE Personal Robot Companion http://kck.st/1DBQYeS dSp – Making your headphones sound better http://kck.st/1LJ7MWX Goodnight Lad: Augmented Reality Children’s Book http://kck.st/1CsQDOs QindredCam: The Intelligent Wearable Camera http://kck.st/1D9eced Freebody : Simplicity || Elegance || Class http://kck.st/1LJdY0Y Graphis – A Pencil? A Pen? A Stylus? Yes. http://kck.st/1LI8aVA Kwan the Chinese Lion http://kck.st/1D9gavc Folding Sled http://kck.st/1KnctCl EvenGrind Coffee Grinder: Fresh, Even Grinds = Better Coffee http://kck.st/16cmIff

  • [Kickstarter]2015/2/3


    Precision Coffee Grinder: Better Grind, More Flavor http://kck.st/1uShxYa Project Exergy – DareHenry http://kck.st/1uRWQf2 Hi-tech Sunglasses + Headphones: no more earphones or wires! http://kck.st/1zN22s4 Speakers Thinner Than Paper! PVDF Piezo Film Technology http://kck.st/1HLhwjU OpenPi: wireless computer for inventors, makers and coders http://kck.st/1z5VRIy

  • [Kickstarter]2015/2/2


    ‘The Warrior’ by Jorzaky – crafted for the urban man http://kck.st/1Duu0Gr NORTH DRINKWARE : Mt. Hood, The Oregon Pint Glass http://kck.st/1HDK7HR Urban Tactical Attachment Pen http://kck.st/1KhnjtA Pinocchio Barrique (barrel) Bottle. Cellar whitout cellar http://kck.st/1AeE9cu TRAKLINE >> Carry-All Utility Belt http://kck.st/1Dflf2u EarAngels – Earplugs that attach to your earrings! http://kck.st/1yfddDQ Premium iPhone Case : Lucidream eXo-Skeleton – iPhone 6 & 6+ http://kck.st/1zGangW Portable Lap Desk Installation No.1: A desk and more. http://kck.st/1CiQGMM The Bindle Stick http://kck.st/1Hmrc43 THE SLOT SHELF SYSTEM. Simply stunning furniture design. http://kck.st/1CPZicz The Attly Pen http://kck.st/1ya5kiS Esquoia – Reusable Pocket Notebook http://kck.st/1z69z3i Sustainable 3D Printing Filament http://kck.st/160dbYJ ” Q ” The complete 3D Printing system http://kck.st/1yERd40 EinScan-S: Fast,…