• [Kickstarter]2014/10/23


    CLIPCASE – Not Another Kickstarter Wallet http://kck.st/1vS60vi FUNNELL – EJECT | WEAR – NEW DESIGN http://kck.st/1tjqUCy Easy-Macro: Popular Smartphone Lens With New Magnifications http://kck.st/1vSkoUl Mate: The Wall Hanging Chess Board http://kck.st/1FFkpz9 Massuni – Design your own furniture in seconds! http://kck.st/1t9QBGM Amiloom: Technology that Re-Connects Us Face-to-Face http://kck.st/1t8FsWT Edwin the Duck | App-Enhanced Smart Toy http://kck.st/1t734dA Conx2share http://kck.st/1xdO0cM Thinker: Next Generation Universal Remote for Smart Home Now http://kck.st/1nAJ16n

  • [Sparkfun] Open Hardware Summit 2014

    [Sparkfun] Open Hardware Summit 2014


  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/23


    Expressiv MIDI Guitar: Real MIDI. Real Guitar. Real Control. http://kck.st/1vJ27c5 Tank Utility: Keeping you warm all winter long http://kck.st/1t49JVJ EasyTouch: Turn your world into a touch sensor http://kck.st/1FwJXOW Carvey: The 3D carving machine for the maker in all of us http://kck.st/1nxPG0V Z-Charge – Phone and tablet bedside storage with charging http://kck.st/1s1k9jr AlpineHawk: Never lose your Skis or Snowboard again http://kck.st/1vG4Vqa Capture the moment in 3D http://kck.st/ZMfOug Hendo Hoverboards – World’s first REAL hoverboard http://kck.st/ZMd9AA DeB – The Ultimate User Experience for your Arduino Projects http://kck.st/1Dulsjs UNIBURR Tool Bit http://kck.st/1sI43Px The ESPRO Travel Press http://kck.st/1zkE1rO wolffepack: swings to the front, stays strapped to your back http://kck.st/1wnsMt1 BLANKILLOW, a blanket in a…

  • [Sparkfun] Celebrating Amazing Role Models for Ada Lovelace Day

    [Sparkfun] Celebrating Amazing Role Models for Ada Lovelace Day


  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/21


    AirStand – World’s Premium Fully Adjustable Universal Stand http://kck.st/1wfK8ZD The Intrepid 4×5 Camera – An Affordable Large Format Camera http://kck.st/1CLeJQ2 Togo Solar connected solar charger http://kck.st/1wfAlCO 携帯ソーラー充電器 BRUVELO: Smart, WiFi-Connected Pour-Over Coffee Brewer. http://kck.st/1vUoXib Soundlazer “Snap” – The Directional Parametric Speaker http://kck.st/1vWejHQ Notti: A More Beautiful Smart Light http://kck.st/1nwYKDj PRO DRYBAG 45L – 100% Waterproof (50m/164ft) http://kck.st/1DscIdE Rogue C6 Intelligent Lightweight Hybrid Urban Carbon Bicycle http://kck.st/1t52LzF Test Cubes – Magnetic modular vase and spice rack http://kck.st/1t5ZalT

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/20


    Lunicycle: The Unicycle for Everyone http://kck.st/1sNvfhd Aluminum スリム Wallet http://kck.st/ZGAm7d DOTY the Amazing STEAM Education Robot http://kck.st/1yPMS3u 点描ロボット Facets Kids – An App with Smart Films for Smart Kids http://kck.st/1uoY5B4 IllumiBowl Clip-On Toilet Night Light (Motion Activated) http://kck.st/ZIPGAu NanoBeam: helping makers build the smallest things http://kck.st/1weq497 COSIGN – The Lifestyle App that Pays! http://kck.st/ZInVrN iBox Nano – Worlds Smallest, Least Expensive 3D Printer http://kck.st/1wN4IQb The Safest & Brightest 360° Bike Lights; Made in the USA http://kck.st/1ojz3Xx Quick Rinse! Use 83% Less Time and Water! http://kck.st/ZyNvPn SteelConnect M – Adapters for Moto360 Smartwatch http://kck.st/1sQCrcd DIESEL FISH. Ultimate Rope Tie. http://kck.st/1rheiX5

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/18


    The Relic Wowflute http://kck.st/1ocLnsI The Shuttl – Dockable, Minimalist, Handmade Leather Wallet http://kck.st/1sVrC9d The Bystander Wooden Standing Desk http://kck.st/ZF87FZ

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/17


    Walkabout Ti: World’s Only Personal Water Filter in Titanium http://kck.st/1sTHycY The Beer Hammer http://kck.st/1u6E5D5 Gem Genie http://kck.st/1sLnhVG Urban Gridded Dogtag Jewelry Collection http://kck.st/1u6xPew The ManBuffer™ | Cooler, Cupholder, Armrest and more! http://kck.st/ZCULu1 PixelPlane – modular RGB LED Tiles http://kck.st/1txZzP4 MICROFEAR – Tiny dioramas based on iconic horror scenes http://kck.st/1sVpA9b BodyEcho – Reclaim Your Sleep With Serious Sleep Tracking http://kck.st/1xTkYQR THEATRE BOX – Most Compact Wireless Home Theater System http://kck.st/11p5ARC

  • [Sparkfun] New Product Friday: Moogus Operandi

    [Sparkfun] New Product Friday: Moogus Operandi


  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/16


    Online Emotion Analysis: Alerts parents when kids need help http://kck.st/1rtoATR SecureSelfies: Biometric protection for your personal data http://kck.st/1yCVASD Chocolatey: The Alternative Windows Store – Like Yum/Apt-Get http://kck.st/1rak0tY ClickerBelt – a ratcheting belt that is ready for action http://kck.st/1tsCoWk GUMFRIEND: #1 Stylish & Hygienic Gum, Mints, Candy Dispenser http://kck.st/1wG3Hcv LovePop: 3D Holiday Cards That Pop Like Magic http://kck.st/1wH8daK 7th Century Inspired Home Accessories http://kck.st/1sJssWf The Line Cutterz Ring – A ring that cuts fishing line http://kck.st/11pc9Uh

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/15


    KEECKER – The World’s First HomePod http://kck.st/1o99vMT WakaWaka Base: a Power & Light First Aid Kit http://kck.st/1sH33NZ SnapShirt http://kck.st/Zqgbdm iPhone 6 Wallet by jimmyCASE http://kck.st/1tYidK4 INDIGLO dual handlebar mount for gopro/garmin/indiglo5 http://kck.st/1sJitRT POPSCOPE: A Simple Solution To Better Selfies and Videos http://kck.st/1trWDDu ARQ Dock 2.0 For Apple And Android Devices http://kck.st/1rtjs1W Titanium Stinger End-Cap for Paracord Lanyard http://kck.st/1EUDMDY Bracelet Charging Cable – for iPhone & Android http://kck.st/1wApLW2 Neuroswing : Your Personal Golf Ball Dispenser http://kck.st/1sGUbYS The Odin: A Puzzle Dog Toy with a Modern Modular Design http://kck.st/11jdpIo Bomber Barrel Bag http://kck.st/1qnFd41 Lily Cup Compact: The Menstrual Cup, Reinvented. http://kck.st/1tZ0zWN The New and Unimproved NoPhone http://kck.st/1v9VwqQ InteliShake – Smart sports drinks…

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/14


    LUPI – Optimize your health. Protect our environment. http://kck.st/ZljtyA anonabox : a Tor hardware router http://kck.st/1sxMtQI MiniMax: The portable, professional high DPI display for you http://kck.st/1sH1izy SnapRecorder – Portable Recording Booth http://kck.st/1p6fvRq Prizm – Turn your speakers into a learning music player http://kck.st/1vnypKJ HFS Dial Slim Wallet & Card Case http://kck.st/1tViuh0

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/13


    WEMAGIN: Smart USB Drive http://kck.st/1p2WX4l Ultimus Qi: Wireless Charging for iPhone 6 Galaxy S Note G3 http://kck.st/1p1YkQO MangoCube; the Pocket sized Arduino compatible board http://kck.st/112XX37 The Thinket Too http://kck.st/1ssad8X Florence Infuser Decanter http://kck.st/1srxQhH RINGO – The Natural Wooden Rocking & Rolling Rhinoceros http://kck.st/1oWvelP The Wordclock (Word Clock) http://kck.st/1yR1BvZ THINNY wallet – the special one! http://kck.st/1CXa7bq

  • Join us for the SparkFun Open House!

    Join us for the SparkFun Open House!


  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/11


    Dr. Catsby Food Bowl for Whisker Relief http://kck.st/1tFQr50 Genesee Watch Company Minimalist Bauhaus Inspired Wristwatch http://kck.st/ZgZFMO The Oyster Bed: Cultivating Creative Cooking http://kck.st/1sir4cQ The BeeDry Mat for your Car Seat: Go Ahead, Get Sweaty! http://kck.st/1oXqmwK Big Picture Calendar 2015 http://kck.st/1C2eDD5 Zallus Oven Controller http://kck.st/1oXn64E

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/10


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