• [Kickstarter]2014/10/9


    ZestDesk® The world’s 1st portable adjustable standing desk NIMBUS: ultra-functional LED lamp that fits in your pocket Eye Power Christmas Ornaments The QDC Mini Pen with Quick DisConnect Cap Monster Towel -The Ultimate 10×10 ft Outdoor Towel Whistl: A smartphone case that protects YOU Neutron – A Full-Blown Windows PC in the Palm of Your Hand CoinGuard – Simple security for your stuff! Infinity Arm for GoPro, DSLR, and Professional Cameras MicroLink: it’s like a tiny Arduino with GSM, USB and more CONTROLLINO PLC (ARDUINO compatible) AMPY: Power your devices from your motion

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/8


    Backlit Shortcut Editing Keyboard – For all editors. UPAS The Pronto – Fast-Charge Battery Mythical Leather Chalk Bags 神話のキャラクターをモチーフにしたレザーバッグ Bildy: the castle, fort, playhouse, car, rocket building kit Trivae: The Trivet with a Twist! Desktop Stool Rossling & Co – Ultra-Thin Automatic Watches & Suede Straps Division Furtive Type 50 Limited Edition Wrist Watch Ledge – for MacBook. Made in USA The ULTIMATE close-up and busking table, case, and stand EQUES Ding Dong Smart Doorbell

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/7


    Ambi Climate: The Smart Add-on For Your Air Conditioner Smoke Signal – A Safety System for 3D Printers Learn Python VISUALLY Packed Pixels – An extra monitor for your laptop! THALIA GUITAR CAPOS MonBaby – Baby Monitor in a Smart Button A New Way To Carry Keys – KeyDisk 2 FitHolster: Lose the armband (Weight Lifting/Running Pocket) Avo: the self-cleaning tropical fish tank

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/6


    Worlds First DSP Enabled Wireless Headphone BLEasy – Revolutionary BLE Bridge For Arduino Shields fps1000 – The low cost high frame rate camera Historic Robotic Spacecraft Poster Series

  • [Kickstarter]2014/10/4


    TRACE – the Designer Lamp 夜桜 Yozakura Sake Set O.N.E. Diaper WoodyMac – Magnetic Building Blocks MM1 Modular 3D Printer – Customize Your Printing Experience PowerDrive— A Mega USB drive and Charger for iPhone and iPad Apocalypse Survival Training: an audio fitness adventure app DokiWear: The CG Art Glove For Digital Artists BigSound 15W Portable Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone, Android Matchstick – The Streaming Stick Built on Firefox OS Darma: Sit smart for a healthy body and mind Hooke: Wireless 3D Audio Headphones