• New project launched on Kickstarter!

    New project launched on Kickstarter!

    Our new project, CakeBoard, has finally been unveiled! This is a bread board of new generation. It took a big and evolutionary leap from the conventional one. When this project becomes successful and prosperous, our Bread Board Maniac team will become able to bring more awesome and cooler products to you! We definitely appreciate your support!

  • Products from BreadBoardManiac are on now sale?

    Products from BreadBoardManiac are on now sale?

    Hello there! As you know, Wire Stripping Gauge is already available for sale at some local stores! Because, we do not have our own EC site yet, we are not ready to sell our products directly from web site of BreadBoardManiac. But, if you can buy a lot like more than 20 pieces, we can give you discounts for a bulk purchase! We introduce the following products that you can buy at this moment. ———————————————————— -Wire Stripping Gauge Estimated selling price: 800JPY(without tax) This is a hit product that created a sensation in Kickstarter! It enables you to measure accurately for length of lead used…

  • For wire stripping gauge sale

    For wire stripping gauge sale

    The sales of wire stripping gauge is scheduled for June 2014. The sales will mainly be held in the WEB Shop and will also sold it at some retail stores. We will contact you again for more information later.

  • Board without soldering board 【biscuits】

    Board without soldering board 【biscuits】

    Entry for the CAMPFIRE support is open! [Link] Here we are going to provide information on explaining the biscuitboard with the videoclip, or concise information for the supporters. If you pushed the lead wire, it can easilly lift up a 500ml PET bottle! —– Weldering takes much work for heating, melting, smoking, getting burnts, making mistakes and the like! However, a biscuitboard only takes an easy push to make a circuit, and if you combine with a cakeboard, since the distribution of the holes are the same, it will be a far lot easier to make one. Even though you made a mistake, all it takes to fix the problem…

  • 【Kickstarter Beginner’s Guide】 English version.

    【Kickstarter Beginner’s Guide】 English version.

    ■Register with Kickstarter Account To get started with Kickstarter, you need to register. If you already have registered, scroll down to find ‘How to Support.’ ・Open Kickstarter website. ・Click ‘Sign Up’ on the upper right corner.  ・Type into ‘New to Kickstarter?’ in the middle. FULL NAME —Type your name in alphabet. EMAIL  — Type your email address. RE-ENTER MAIL  — Re-Enter your email address. PASSWORD  — Type your password. RE-ENTER PASSWORD  —Re-enter the same password. □Discover new projects  —When you check this you’ll receive new project information on Kickstarter. Move on to the next window after typing ‘Sign me UP!’ ・ Click ‘Me’ on the upper right corner.  ・ Click ‘Edit Settings’ in the menu. ・Select either Osaka, Sapporo, or…

  • (日本語) 【祝、達成!!】Kickstarterで公開中です!

    (日本語) 【祝、達成!!】Kickstarterで公開中です!

    Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

  • wire stripping Gauge

    wire stripping Gauge

    The design of the commercial version is determined! Finished model and the image of the product The one in the image is a prototype and has no scale marks on it. The commercial version is the one that has been developed with various additional features, such as: Additional feature 1: Feature to bend an IC By sliding in an IC along the ditch, opened pins are put back to fit in a breadboard! You may need a bit of skill due to its structure. Avoid pushing it in forcefully. Additional feature 2: Hole to easily bend a narrow width It was difficult to bend a thin lead wire to connect…

  • wooden breadboard

    wooden breadboard

    The breadboard for building circuits looks so lovely just by being made of wood! It will increase the charm as you use it, fit comfortably in your hands, and you will definitely feel attached to it. Wooden breadboards are handmade by craftsmen one by one. It is carefully formed from one piece of wood, polished and branded. No chemical coating material such as polyurethane is used, either. It is thoroughly polished with natural oil, finished in natural gloss. It will further increase its gloss as you use it, and its presence will not be comparable to any other breadboards you have ever had! A Japanese traditional gift box of paulownia…